About Us


The aspirations of NSK founder, Keiichi Nakanishi, to establish handpiece micro engineering as an art have long been globally recognized. Now the company has set itself another great challenge. In 1930 Keiichi Nakanishi’s precision engineering knowhow, coupled with a passion to attain manufacturing excellence by attention to the finest detail in creating durable, high performance handpieces became the foundation of the company. When Keiichi developed Japan’s first dental rotary handpiece he also regarded service and reputation as a central plank to the success of the company. He initially produced his handpieces individually, and personally delivered each product to the local client. It was the foundation of a dental handpiece creation and manufacturing dynasty which has at its heart nothing less than micro engineering perfection.

Since 1930 the company has remained focused on its goals of creating an elegantly designed, high performance, durable, precision instrument that is constantly improved and enhanced as new production technology is introduced. Today, the NSK brand is exported to over 130 countries and the NSK handpiece range is acknowledged as a global leader. And here lies the next great challenge: not merely holding their leading position, but to grow as the outright global leader in dental handpiece production.

This strategy would be hollow if it was not based on a solid reputation of quality and durability and production capability. It’s also supported by ongoing research and development, substantial investment and the absolute commitment of the workforce. The technology of the NSK handpiece has developed at a scorching pace and technological advances have come about because revenue is significantly reinvested in new cutting edge machinery and expertise. Staff are trained and retrained to improve their micro skills – daily – via on the job training in each process. So NSK has in place the technology and workforce that can rapidly respond to market changes. And to continually improve its range of products, the company seeks constant feedback from the global dental profession. What’s more, once a dentist purchases an NSK handpiece the strongest after sales service is assured.

Some 835 employees are involved in the production of 2,500 handpieces every day and the production process is elaborate and intricate. Each handpiece is produced from around 60 components and it takes many processes to precisely produce each handpiece on 151 state-of-the art computerised unique machines. It takes so many technology processes, so many expert staff working in a myriad of buildings on several levels of the sprawling factory and assembly plant to produce a single precision instrument so small that it comfortably fits into your hand and so high in performance capabilities.

Importantly, NSK maintains control of the quality of the end product because they produce 90% percent of all its precision parts in house. Only nine staff members are required in the purchasing department with the main emphasis on purchasing quality raw material such as Titanium. And from the raw material to the final finished product, the quality is guaranteed each step of the way by each complex process.

The final inspection has never yet rejected a part. The results are a lightweight, quiet, compact unit; the fastest rotation of all handpieces with perfectly concentric rotation; innovations in response to advances in infection control and prevention; vibration elimination; longer lifespan and durability, high accuracy and a more comfortable dexterity and compact design.

And, far beyond production and sale, NSK supports NSK users with Factory Certified  Technical Service for the life of each product which is why NSK Tech is available to all NSK users throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands.