Send your NSK Product for Service

Sending your NSK product to NSK Tech has never been easier. To start, proceed to Step 1 to request an obligation free quotation by filling out your details for a JOB ID number.

General Servicing Timeline*

Please contact our office on Free Phone 1300 44 33 21 for further information on our current servicing times.

Before You Send Your Repair**

Sending items that are usually sterilized before use on patients, and that are not sterilized prior to sending to NSK Tech is illegal. Potentially contaminated products must be sterilized before dispatching via post or courier. Sending items that are not sterilized will cause delays in the repair process.

Please also note that in order to provide a free quotation all items must be disassembled for investigation and diagnosis. If a repair quotation is not accepted the item will be returned in a disassembled state.


Cick the button “Get a job ID number” below and complete the following repair form to create a Job ID number for an Obligation Free Quote.


Download a Prepaid Postage PDF HERE and securely fix the label to the package

• When you have your product serviced by NSK Tech for the first time we will include a Prepaid postage pack for your next service when we return your serviced product to you and we will do this each time we return serviced products to you

• Large products (Eg Control units, Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Systems, Etc) will need to be properly packed in a suitable box on which the Prepaid NSK Tech post label can then be attached

• Prepaid Postage is not registered or tracked and remains the responsibility of the sender until received by NSK.